The 3 things you MUST look for when choosing online beat making software

posted on 21 Jan 2015 18:18 by hulkingdate5965
Beat-making software is software that enables you to create beats just like professional music producers. As technology has improved a greater range of beat digital beat source making software has become available at cheaper and cheaper prices.

Not all beat-making software programs are equal however and if you want to make the best beats possible you’ll want to make sure your chosen software has all of the following features:

1) High-quality samples and plenty of them

Most people don’t have a recording studio or the equipment necessary to record their own samples at high quality when they are first starting out.

It is essential that your beat software come with high quality samples or your tracks will sound low quality.

A lot of beat making software provides samples of MP3 quality only, MP3s are compressed which degrades the sample quality, which means they sound worse. What you need is 44.1 WAV which is the quality professionals use.

2) Good support

Is your chosen beat-maker well supported? Does it come with tutorials or just a simple instruction manual? Ideally you want video tutorials taking you through all the features and how to use them in addition to an instruction manual.

3) Ease of use

All the tutorials in the world won’t help you if the software requires a degree to operate. You want to be producing beats within a few minutes of installing your software, not after a few weeks study.

Recommended Software:

If you’re looking for a piece of beat making software that combines all these three qualities at an affordable price then look no further than Dr Drum beat making software.

Simple to use, with your first beats going down with just a few clicks digital beat source it comes with a member area with video tutorials as well as a free report ($449 RRP) to help you move from amateur to professional by selling your beats.

With hundreds of samples in 44.1 WAV professional format you’ll be able to create your own professional sounding tunes from the start.